We offer excellent services that keep our clents satiesfied.
We are happy to say we have an almost 100% client retention

ManGuard Security

We offer tactical and constant supervision with our trained ManGuards units

Event Security

This can be vehicular or foot escort. Whichever way it is needed; you can be assured that FCS will not let you down

Electronic Security

We monitor events across several locations thanks to our newly updated gadgets

Electric Fencing

Our cost effective electric fences provide a physical and visible deterrent to all encroachers

Control Room Monitory

FCS has established a Control Room, to guide the Client issues concern security hazard.

Safety and prevention

This service focuses on sales and installation of Fire Extinguisher, Smoke Detector etc


ManGuard Security

Our officers undergo various recruitment processes with no tolerance for average performance, during which, background checks are also conducted on them. Our security officers are adequately trained in diverse drills and well uniformed to look smart and active on the job. Emergency situation handling is an eminent aspect of our training. Our exclusive objective is to add another layer of professionalism to your thriving services, as our guards are trained to offer the best customer care to your clients, considering that first impression counts.

First Command Security Limited offers total safety. We offer tactical and constant supervision that detect and eliminates threats before clients become aware and submit report accordingly. Furthermore, we have instituted various reporting and feedback systems which ensures client requests and grievances are addressed dispassionately. We have tailored our operations to suit your individual security needs so just focus on the growth of your organization and leave the security battles for us!

Event Security

Event Security

Which could be vehicular or foot escort. Whichever way and form is needed; you can be ensured that FCS will not let you down in any way. We have well-trained men who are able to detect any danger coming or observe earlier and adapt to any situation to provide you with the escort that you need during meetings and gatherings.


Electronic Security

FCS is capable of installing and putting all cameras on a single platform in a control room that is capable of monitoring event across relevant locations. We are also capable of installing CCTV cameras at your Resident, Office and industrial Areas which you can view and monitor anywhere you are in the world. We are expert in both;

  • Networking Video Recorder (NVR): encode and process the video data at the camera then stream it to NVR recorder which is used for storage and remote viewing.
  • Digital Video Recorder (DVR): process the video data at the recorder.



Electric Fencing

It provides both physical and visible deterrent. The electric fence mechanism is more efficient and cost-effective than the broken bottles or metals. It also monitored via our control room and supported by our react team in case of intrusion.

FCS is capable of installing all range of electrical and non-electrical fence wiring are being control by a system that we train the client for monitoring purposes.


Control Room Monitory

First Command Security have introduced outstanding service ever in history of security in Ghana which can only know at the Public Sector (Police Service). The service is conjunct with third party CCTV monitory. The Company have established a Control Room, fully monitored by Controllers 24 hours to field or guild the Client issues concern security hazard.

The Service is attached with Rapid Respond Units at any time the needs arrived as well as affiliated with Ghana Police Services. This particular service covered nationwide and cost effective.



Safety & Prevention


The condition of being safe from any danger, risk, or injury is our biggest priority as a team. Our motive is to prevent and protect any danger that can cause life and property due to that we introduced bespoke; service focus on sales and installation of Fire Extinguisher, Smoke Detector, demarcation of Emergency Assembly Point and Emergency Exit where the sign can do direct or instruct people living in the premises to exit in case of any emergency.

All types of security services are available